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Sethians and Asetians

on 18th March 2017, 6:20 pm
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Sethians are an Egyptian race of primordial vampires which are descended from Set in the case of Sethians, or Isis/Aset in the case of Asetians. The difference between the two being that Sethians have dark energy while Asetians have light energy.

Sethians live on a planet called Cyradin, which is blocked off to all except Sethians or those brought there by the emperor of Cyradin. Cyradin is very similar to Ancient Egypt, however, the technology surpasses what physical humans have today.


Viperines - the most predatory of the lineages and have extremely powerful energy manipulation abilities to match - capable of delivering deadly strikes as fast as the crack of a whip.

Guardians - possess remarkable defensive abilities - all Guardians display an inborn knack for constructing impressive shields. Their need to feed is lesser than that of the Viperine as the Guardian has a natural connection to the Earth which they passively pull energy through.

Concubines - This lineage of Sethian/Asetian has a remarkable ability to regenerate and cycle energy. Concubines can share energy just as easily as they can manipulate people with their silver tongues. They may seem weak compared to the other lineages, however, no one lineage can survive without the others.


Dark doesn't always mean evil.
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